Know before you go: clean air certificates in France

If you’re travelling to France by car for your Canvas holiday then make sure you’re up to speed with the new clean air certificates. We’ve got all the details you need to know below:

  • From the 1st April 2017 a windscreen sticker is required to drive in Paris, Grenoble and Lyon
  • This is being brought into force to reduce levels of pollution in France’s biggest cities
  • There are six stickers of different colours that identify the levels of emissions produced by your car
  • You can be refused entry depending on the certification of your car on days where the cities are reaching high levels of emissions
  • The sticker costs €4.80 for vehicles registered outside of France, but within the EU
  • The clean air certificates apply to all cars, motorbikes and lorries
  • You can be fined upwards of £60 for not complying

So bear this in mind if you’re travelling through Paris, Grenoble or Lyon and get your certificate here.

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