Speaking Spanish : Essential holiday words

Whenever you go abroad it’s always worth learning a few words of the local lingo to get by. Locals appreciate you making an effort to speak their language and not just assuming that everyone will speak English.  In the resorts in Spain, a fair amount of English will be spoken but it’s always fun to throw in a few words of the local language if you can. If in doubt, good old smiling and pointing usually works pretty well.  Greetings Hello: Hola Goodbye: Adios Good morning: Buenos dias Good night: Buenas noches See you tomorrow: Hasta mañana (man-yan-a) Thank you: Gracias Where is? Where is…: Donde esta? Swimming pool: La piscina Train station: Estación de tren Restaurant: Restaurante The shop: La tienda Reception: Recepción Food & drink Ice cream: un helado (eh-la-doe) Coffee: café Tea: Té Milk: Leche  Beer: Cerveza (ser-vess-a) Wine: Vino Bread: Pan Butter: Mantequilla (mant-A-key-ya) Useful to know Open: Abierto Closed: Cerrado Danger: Peligro  No entry: No hay entrada  Numbers Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez It’s worth noting that some of the sounds in Spanish are different to English: v’s are pronounced as b’s, z’s as a th. Also in Catalan regions some of the words may vary and there may be a few x’s thrown in to words.

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Relive those summer feelings

Sitting out on your deck with a drink in hand, the barbecue sizzling away, listening to the gentle buzz of the campsite is one of the best things about a camping holiday. Long summer evenings are perfect for relaxing! To help create that sunny holiday feeling during the hectic festive period we’ve put together our favourite summer drinks. Make them this winter to help bring back the memories of long, balmy summer evenings. Orange and Cranberry Spritz This one brings back memories of fantastic summer holidays in Italy – a lovely fruity flavour with a bit of fizz. There’s no alcohol in it so it’s perfect for everyone. Orange juice Cranberry juice Sparkling water or lemonade Easy peasy to make, simply mix it all together and serve in a tall glass or maybe one of those cool jar-type glasses. You can get some fab straws too to make it extra special. If you’ve holidayed in the Veneto region of Italy, you’ll no doubt have come across the ‘Spritz’ – an orange drink that is available everywhere. In the Veneto region around 300,000 of these drinks are enjoyed every day. To recreate the feeling of sitting in an Italian piazza sipping on a Spritz you just need four ingredients: 3 parts Prosecco 2 parts Aperol Dash of soda Some large ice cubes Traditionally the Spritz is served in a large wine glass. First add the ice cubes, then the Prosecco, followed by the […]

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Weird foods to try on holiday

Lampredotto sandwich

Did you watch the campmates on ‘I’m a Celebrity…’ munch their way through some rather undesirable delicacies last night? Once the waves of nausea had passed and our stomachs had returned to their rightful place, it got us thinking about food that you encounter on holiday that you’d prefer didn’t touch your tastebuds. Here’s our top 5 things of weird […]

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Famous bridges in Europe

Chapel Bridge Lucerne

You may have heard that our local bridge, the Forth Road Bridge, is a bit poorly. There’s lots of chatter as people try to get from a to b with the closure of a major route so it got us thinking about the other beautiful bridges across Europe. As well as providing you with a way of getting from a […]

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