Spotlight on… Nice, Côte D’Azur


Let’s face it the prospect of driving with a car full of energetic kids shouting at the top of their lungs ‘ARE WE THERE YET?’ is not the most appealing start to your holiday. Luckily many of our campsites are conveniently located close to airports, meaning you can get to your destination faster and with less hassle. Jet-setters can then […]

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Pedal Power: Our Guide to the Tour de France

The 104th Tour de France begins in Düsseldorf in July and we’re all geared up for three weeks of cycling action and stunning French scenery. If you’re new to the Tour it can be a confusing blur of French jargon and colourful jerseys. But never fear – whether you’re an armchair fan or lucky enough to be close to the action on a Canvas holiday – our spectators guide is here to translate. The race The Tour has 21 stages taking place over three weeks, with 22 teams of nine riders. Each team has a leader, who is supported by his team mates (domestiques) in his quest to finish the race in the lowest accumulated time and win the famous Yellow jersey. As well as the overall competition there are also several sub-contests happening, such as the sprinters and mountains classifications. This means there’s always plenty of action and intrigue to watch. The route The race follows a different route each year, and is designed to challenge the riders across a variety of terrain, from the bone-rattling cobblestones of the north to the soaring mountains (and grueling climbs) of the Alps and Pyrenees. This year’s 3,517 km route starts in Düsseldorf in Germany and features five mountain stages, 10 new sites and stage cities, and finishes on the Champs-Élysées on July 23rd. The jerseys Yellow, green, white… and what’s that spotty one all about? These jerseys indicate the current leader […]

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Debunking the camping myths


If you’re not a regular camper, the prospect of ditching your home comforts to spend a fortnight in the wild with no basic bushcraft skills to keep you warm at night might (understandably) get the goosebumps going. Which is exactly why Canvas Holidays couldn’t be further from this old-school camping perception. After all, you don’t spend over 50 years organising […]

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