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Why camping is better than hotels

Canvas Holidays Maxi Tent

It’s National Camping Month and one question often put to us is ‘why should I choose camping over staying in a hotel?’ Well we have nine very good answers for you. Number 1. Family time/bonding time There’s nothing quite like camping to bring people closer together. Maybe it’s the break from modern life, time outdoors or the beautiful views, but […]

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Spotlight on Croatia

Porec waterfront

Next to step into the spotlight is the fantastic country of Croatia. While it’s still one of the lesser visited tourist spots in Europe, visitor numbers are on the increase every year as people discover this vibrant country. Croatia has put its troubled past behind it and is fully embracing its future. A future making the most of its incredible […]

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Easter holiday fun at Camping Duinrell

Can't wait  to try out the pools!

Its Easter weekend! Which means our 2016 season finally gets under way. The team at Camping Duinrell are ready and waiting for the first holidaymakers to arrive this weekend. Now while it’s officially spring, the weather forecast for the next week is a little mixed, with highs of 11-15°c and a mix of sunshine and showers. Pack layers and waterproofs […]

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Activities in the Vendée – old & new!

Alongside fantastic beaches, beautiful countryside and lively resorts, the Vendée is also a great place for fun days out. We’ve rounded up a few of our favourites for a day out suitable for the whole family…or at least those without a fear of heights! O’Gliss Waterpark – scheduled to open on 25 June 2016 Opening in June, O’Gliss Park, looks like it’s going to be a pretty fab waterpark! From artist impression images there’s a large ‘rock’ type thing in the middle of the park with lots of great looking slides coming out of it. Situated next to the Indian Forest around 15 minutes from La Tranche-sur-Mer, the waterpark looks like it’s going to be fantastic for the whole family. According to their blog, it’s going to be separated into four parts – Lud’O Park, an area dedicated to children, Sunset beach, ExploralO with some wild rapids and Delir’Space, which is home to some thrilling water slides. Indian Forest Adventure Park  This adventure park is fantastic for the whole family! There are four fantastic ‘Accrobranche’ treetop trails which suit everyone from the most timid in the family up to the most adventurous. For daredevils, the Water Jumps will surely get the adrenaline going. With a collection of jumps and slides ranging in lengths and heights, everyone over five years old (who’s brave enough) can join in! A new ride has been launched for 2016 – The Crazy Race. From the […]

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For World Book Day: My favourite poolside read

Holidays and a good book go hand in hand. When you’ve got a busy life most of the time, holidays can be the only time that you can really relax and get right into a good book. Some of my favourite holiday memories are lying by a lovely pool, soaking up the sun and being transported into a great story. As we celebrate World Book Day, I wanted to share my favourite poolside read! Me Before You, by Jojo Moyes My absolutely favourite book is ‘Me before You’ by Jojo Moyes. I love reading and this is a book I read that has never left me. I love talking about it with people! I would rush home from work every day to carry on with the story. Further proof that lying by a pool is the best place to devour a book! Although if you plan to read this book in one, have a box of tissues/ your beach towel to hand and maybe a pair of sunglasses. The story centres on the characters of Lou Clark and Will Traynor. It covers lots of interesting and slightly difficult topics, sweeps you away and makes you think. It’s so beautifully written that you really won’t want to put it down. The story moves quickly which I really liked as it keeps the momentum going so that you feel like you really know the characters. Other books that I love to read […]

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